Rites of Change

Transitions With Courage

Ellen is dedicated to helping you discover your strengths, let go of fear of the unknown, face the future, and move forward with confidence.

Ellen Hufschmidt, MA, is a Chaplain, Ritualist, Grief Counselor, and Death Educator.

Ellen lives in the Twin Cities where she and her husband are involved with their Buddhist sangha, Common Ground Meditation Center.

About Ellen

Ellen brings a Chaplain’s understanding of the heart, a Ritualist’s ability to ease transitions through ceremony, and a Hospice Grief Counselor’s experience to help you discern your own wisdom and forge your own path.

Ellen is the author of With Our Own Hands: A Guidebook to Ritual Blessing of the Dead.

“Ellen’s beautifully scripted booklet intimately describes how ritual can move people through their deepest grief and toward acceptance of the death of their loved one.” 

Jerrigrace Lyons, founder of Final Passages

With Our Own Hands will be an asset to both professional and family caregivers. The practical ritual components of her guidebook, as well as Ellen’s inspiring stories, are a welcome tool.”

Richard Groves, founder of the Sacred Art of Living Center and author of The American Book of Living and Dying

“I highly recommend this gift from Ellen. I have respected her and her work for years, but that changed exponentially when I experienced her sacred Body Blessing at the National Home Funeral Alliance. Here she gives us guidance so that we too can carry this beautiful honoring into our own work and teaching.”

Linda Bergh, co-founder of Minnesota Threshold Network  


Ellen has over twenty years of experience guiding individuals, families, communities, and organizations to maneuver change.

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