Chaplain, Celebrant, & Ritualist Services

Common Concerns

  • How to mark transitions such as death and loss in a way that honors life
  • How to find comfort
  • How to face challenges that appear unbearable
  • How to regain trust in something bigger than yourself
  • How to say goodbye
  • How to find growth and strength from death and loss


  • Officiating personalized in-person or virtual funerals, specializing in spiritually mixed, non-religious, and individualized services   
  • Consulting with an individual with a life-threatening disease and loved ones
  • Creating an intimate ritual to mark and move through any life-cycle transition, such as birth, adolescence, declaration of sexual orientation, marriage, moving, accomplishments, retirement, aging, beginnings, and endings
  • Leading or coaching a family to have a bedside blessing ritual to say good-bye at the time of death
  • Making the virtual funeral or memorial more meaningful and satisfying
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