About Ellen

Ellen and her husband live in Minneapolis, where they have been practicing mindfulness meditation for twenty-five years. Together they co-lead one of the Heart to Heart mindfulness groups for couples at Common Ground Meditation Center.

Ellen Hufschmidt, MA is a chaplain, grief counselor, and ritualist with over twenty years of experience guiding individuals, families, communities, and organizations to move through transitions well. She refined her holistic approach to grief and loss counseling during eleven years as a Hospice Grief Specialist and Chaplain at hospital systems in Minnesota. She shares her understanding of end-of-life issues, including family-led funerals, home vigils, and green burials, through consultations with family members, conference presentations, workshops in university and community settings, and training programs for chaplains, end-of-life doulas, and others who support those facing death.

“I am dedicated to helping people discover their strengths to face the unknown and move forward with confidence at times of transitions.”

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